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10 products

Dress up your fluorescent lighting with Sky-Scapes® decorative fluorescent light diffusers. From cloud designs to stained glass effects, Sky-Scapes® offers a variety of designs from which to choose.

We offer two types of Sky-Scapes®: Durastong® plastic ($56.95/panel) and Clear Cell™ film ($30.95/sheet). Durastong® plastic replaces your current fluorescent light cover, while Clear Cell™ film is placed on top of your current fluorescent light cover. After you select your design, you may choose either material before adding it to your cart.

  • Cloud 2
  • Orchid
  • Beveled Glass
  • Palm
  • Red Flower Stained Glass
  • Sunset Beach
  • Two Balloons
  • Yellow Finch
  • Yellowstone Park