Decorative Fluorescent Light Diffusers
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Clouds 1


Durastrong® plastic will not break in shipping and will not burn. This plastic panel replaces your current fluorescent light diffuser.

For a less costly option, select the Clear Cell Film material from the drop down box below. Clear Cell Film is placed on top of your current light diffuser. The printed design is viewed through the lens currently in your fluorescent light. If your lens is textured, you will see the texture in the printed design.

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The sky fades from a light blue to a darker blue behind fluffy white clouds, portraying a bright sunny day. If you are buying one fluorescent light diffuser, the Cloud 1 design is our best seller.  Installed in a room by itself, Clouds 1 design turns a fluorescent light into a skylight look. 

Cloud designs block about 32% of the light, creating a more relaxed atmosphere. If you need more light, strategically place one fluorescent light cover in the ceiling, making sure other light sources provide adequate lighting.

 Durastrong® Panels
 Dimensions: 23 ¾" x 47 ¾" 
 Thickness: .045 mils (looks like about 1/16 of an inch)
 Light Reduction: 32% reduction of light with Cloud designs (the darker the design, the darker the room)
 Life: 10-15 years before yellowing (depending on usage)
 Shipping Box: 15" x 15" x 27"
 Shipping Weight: 5 lbs. (one panel + packaging)

 Clear Cell Films
 22 ¾" x 46 ½"
 Thickness: .005 mils thick (feels like copy paper thickness)
 Light Reduction: 32% reduction of light with Cloud designs (the darker the design, the darker the room)
 Life: 5-7 years before yellowing (depending on usage)
 Shipping Box: 4" x 4" x 26"
 Shipping Weight: 1 lb. (one film + packaging)

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