Decorative Fluorescent Light Diffusers
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What are Sky-Scapes®?

Sky-Scapes® are durable, lightweight decorative fluorescent light diffusers that replace existing fluorescent light covers. Sky-Scapes® diffusers measure 23 ¾˝ x 47 ¾˝ and are .045 mils in thickness. Our diffusers drop into a standard 2’ x 4’ fluorescent light frame. If your light fixture is smaller, Sky-Scapes® diffusers can easily be cut with a utility knife to fit your existing light frame.

For a less costly alternative to the Durastrong
® panels, Repacorp offers Clear Cell™. Clear Cell™ is a printed film that lies on top of the current fluorescent light cover. All Sky-Scapes designs can be printed on either Clear Cell™ or Durstrong®.

Our Durastrong
® panels and Clear Cell™ films are rolled to reduce shipping costs. Durastrong® plastic has a bit of memory, so when you receive your Sky-Scapes® diffusers, promptly remove them from the box and lay flat until installation. If you store them in the box too long and they are curled, lay them flat to rest. Your panels will flatten out, and if you don’t have time to wait, our spring clips will hold them flat in the light fixture’s frame. Our Durastrong® diffusers have clear protective sheeting on the back to keep the panel clean before installation. Peel off the clear plastic sheet before you install your diffusers. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth will keep your new Durastrong® panels clean and bright. Dust the Clear Cell™ films with a soft dry cloth.

Repacorp’s Durastrong
® plastic has an UL-94V-2 rating, and a flame spread of 0-5! We have our Durastrong® plastic specially formulated with just enough white pigment for the best luminosity without viewing the light bulbs. UV inhibitors are added to our plastic to help prevent yellowing and to keep colors bright and crisp. And best of all, our Durastrong® plastic is guaranteed not to break during shipping—even with rough handling! 

Light Reduction

Sky-Scapes® fluorescent light diffusers will “lighten up” your environment and spirits. Our relaxing sky designs will make every day a bright sunny day. They soothe and calm while eliminating harsh glare from fluorescent lighting.

The scenes on Sky-Scapes
® are printed with durable UV inks. The printing produces about a 32% reduction in light with the cloud designs (the darker the design, the darker the room). If you are concerned about the blockage of light, we suggest you strategically replace a few light diffusers with Sky-Scapes®, leaving other fluorescent lighting without designs. Windows and other light sources will help keep the room bright.

When using high lumens daylight or full spectrum bulbs with 5000° Kelvin (a color temperature close to white), most adjust to the reduction of light, and notice less glare! For color correct designs, make sure the fluorescent light bulbs are daylight or full spectrum. If you have a light bulb with a Kelvin temperature above 5000° K, your bulb is adding blue. A blue light with our cloud designs could cause a blue cast in your design. If you have a light bulb with a Kelvin temperature below 5000° K, your bulb is adding yellow and your Sky-Scapes
® design may appear dull and yellowed. 

Health Hazards Connected to Fluorescent Lighting

The following is a list of symptoms known to be linked to fluorescent lighting exposure: 

  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Irritability caused by the noise
  • Glare and flicker from fluorescent lighting.
  • Some allergic skin reactions and dermatitis can become worse, or be caused by exposure to fluorescent lighting. 

There is some evidence that the following effects may be caused by exposure to fluorescent lights: 

  • Increased risk of seizure in epilepsy sufferers
  • higher incidence of miscarriage
  • Speeding up the aging of the retina.